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A set of sonnet variations, Jensen's work here makes up a landscape of laborer chants, sound forms, & incendiary voice propellants, called up from history's corners.

Edition of 80, 16 pages, New York City, 2011, $8.00, shipping included.
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The secret of feltmaking.
Wool pressed in tin miners' boots the charge
Felt on inner seas which twin mallets drum in
The wooly twists of each cochlear nerve belt.

Felt boots on snow, mallets wound with wool
A whispering evasion: consonance;
Cracks in teeth, cracking joints, a wordless
Dawn beneath a blanket: assonance

Frames days, press frames, the ancients' method:
Adaptation: tin minters' boots of pressed wool
Electric felt drummed on wooly seas, the wordless
Music of belted blankets along snow.

The whispering method felt, drummed, heard
At dawn in press frames of cochlear wool.

CURTIS JENSEN's work has appeared in Try!, Lit, The Boog City Portable Reader, Sugar House Review, Precipitate, The Equalizer, The Bridge, and No, Dear. He was a member of the editorial board for Argos Books' Little Anthology, and he is Poetry Editor for The Brooklyn Review. He has lived and worked in Utah, Wyoming, Ukraine and New York. He maintains a blog at