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these signals press / 003

Terse narrative & broken meditations of environment & occurrence, voice & the flux of self/other dialogues of movement, of inquiry.

Edition of 80, 16 pages, New York City, 2011, $8.00, shipping included.
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We hatched, lizardlike
  from a cock's egg
   feeling our cold inert matter.

And the easiest way to explain the gaps
  is to say
there are planets.

   It makes
  the bare minimum
sound like an impressive evolution,
not a metaphor, but as if it's contributing
  to one big medical experiment

and no one knows what the outcome will be.

Patients often hungry for explanations
    are used to thinking that neo
cortical contraptions will help them.

Recall the child from chapter seven.

   How can investigation proceed?

The inside belt is cleared.
I'm on a horrible planet.

K.L. GINGER lives in Brooklyn and works all over both boroughs. They edited a short lived journal called The Bridge and have made many zines and chapbooks over the years. The most recent one uses queer theory to complicate notions of the romantic and the one before that was a chapbook with work inspired by Diane Arbus. K.L. has been published in The Boog City Reader.