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these signals press / 004

Amílkar U.'s dejected canticles to the body, nothingness, & the politic, in & of the hands of Camilo Roldán.

Edition of 80, 16 pages, New York City, 2011, $8.00, shipping included.
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the corners, nor candelabras;
the doors, nor anyone to open them.

the lintels, the thresholds,
without the sustained paces,
whether joining or parting.

a light the afternoon projects,
its color, its variation,
and encircling it, the echoes.

Camilo Roldán is a poet and translator living in Brooklyn, NY. He co-curates the Triptych Reading Series at 11th Street Bar and his poems have appeared in various journals, including Metazen, Lungfull!, and Pank.