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these signals press / 005

Expansive textures, sudden shifts into the visceral sense of phenomena.

Edition of 80, 27 pages, New York City, 2012, $8.00, shipping included.
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Having wryly put conditions
on of love what can be said
for this that Irma rolls my head
from scalar milkweed rods
oblique to down-slope creep
and young snow patch, one pale
finch sips our slue just past
two half inch male pipe threads,
thin hose, spring loaded preset valve
control, inchoate on square lawn
unmowed, dust unsuppressed,
some scumbled mess no spigot
oscillates about these narrow
brumal shallows tapered under
his catalpa, ornamental, painted
white, silk cabled off from cinder
path we dart cross lots unseen
to make the going predicate.
Have said the same before if you
recall, that we might down-slip
in tin washtub Irma squats
in Helen's skirts beside if only
now not calved and hipped
too big for this to fail,
even overturning all.

Gracie Leavitt's recent work can be found in The Brooklyn Review, Conjunctions, LIT, Sentence, SET, and elsewhere. Transatlantic collaborations appear in Whiskey & Fox's series "Parks and Occupation." She hails from the home of the land-locked salmon..